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Real name: Axel Bergk. Born 1960 in Hanover, Germany. German high-school finished in 1978. Military service until 1980, then studies in History of Art, Philosophy, Archeology and Sinology at the University of Hamburg. University degree as Magister Artium in 1990. Worked as visualization expert and service manager for a German consultancy, now co-owner of CUVIS GmbH, a company offering presentation design and photo services, template optimization, PowerPoint training, corporate re-design.


Art is a perishable thing which has to be revealed instantly by catching the 'kairos'. Like in photography the right moment is a core factor of success, and not without cause there is a close relationship between my visual arts and music. The idea of synaesthesia haunts me since I have seen "Pink Floyd in Pompeji" in the 70s. From my point of view the value of a movie mostly depends from its score; vice versa music can evoke inner pictures by listening. Thus the scope of my musical approach has always been influenced by these two poles of perception. You may call it Ambient, Minimal, or simple Electronica, I call it "something similar to music".


Co-founder of the netlabel stadtgruen together with Martin Donath in 2003. In 2011 we decided to "close the doors", but the website is still online and downloads are possible.


Engaged in fine arts from 1987 to 2000 with exhibitions in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands focusing on conceptual paintings and photography. Still living in my fovourite town: Hamburg, Germany.


Since 2014 I have switched to mainly iPad productions. Maybe not fitting all high fidelity expectations, but with enough leeway for production experiments. Prelistening possible on Soundcloud and releases available at Bandcamp.

Axel Bergk

Martin-Luther-Str. 20

20459 Hamburg


music (at) lomov.de


promo video for the dublime release

Theatiner Blues

der zeitwandler - stop motion movie

Holzwege - picture show movie (smal size)